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We help businesses find their unique identity and show it off in the best way possible.
Manpreet Kaur founder

I am Manpreet Kaur, the founder and head designer at Mkaur Creative. With experience of over 7 years in the graphic design industry, I possess extensive knowledge in branding, print, digital, website, and large-format design, catering to a diverse range of industries.

My journey began after graduating from University with a Bachelor's in Fashion Design and a Diploma in Graphic Design. Fuelled by the passion to create remarkable and impactful graphics, I embarked on a path to realize my ultimate dream of establishing my own design agency.

Throughout my career, I have come to firmly believe that clever and exceptional graphic design plays a pivotal role in effective branding. I emphasize the importance of utilizing design consistently across all aspects of a business to achieve cohesive and compelling branding outcomes.

I am dedicated to providing top-notch design solutions that not only captivate audiences but also align with the unique identity and goals of each client. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, I strive to deliver design experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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